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The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete Final Season


The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete Final Season

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It was a colorful season eighth for The Andy Griffith Show, 30 more fun-filled visits to the familiar streets of Mayberry, and to the warm-hearted folks who brought the town to life. By all accounts, this was the most successful season yet for the critically acclaimed family show. It was the top-rated half-hour of the 1966-’67 season and earned two Emmy® Awards for the supporting work of Don Knotts (as fumbling Barney Fife) and Frances Bavier (as beloved Aunt Bee). Relive your favorite Mayberry moments and join Andy (Andy Griffith), Opie (Ron Howard), Floyd (Howard McNear, in his final season) and the rest of the town for this five-disc odyssey to a time and place when mistakes, misadventures, and even disagreements eventually would work out just fine.

All good things must come to an end--even a classic TV series like The Andy Griffith Show--but most would hope to close out their network run like the venerable rural comedy series did, with its popularity intact (Griffith brought the show to a close with its ratings at #1) and its episodes still featuring the gentle, observant humor that marked every visit to Mayberry since its debut in 1960. Few changes can be seen in the 30 episodes compiled here, save for the color broadcast (which came to pass during the '65-'66 season) and the arrival of Sam Jones (the likable Ken Berry), another amiable widower who became the focus of the spin-off series, Mayberry R.F.D. Otherwise, it's business as usual in Mayberry, which includes a welcome return visit from Don Knotts' Barney Fife (in "Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting," where he convinces Andy to let the U.S. and Soviet governments host a summit in his home), a turn in the role of deputy for Goober (George Lindsay) in "Suppose Andy Gets Sick," a great deal of tomfoolery by newer characters Howard Sprague (Jack Dodson) and Emmett Clark (Paul Hartman), and guest appearances by Jack Nicholson ("Aunt Bee the Juror"), Allan (The Brady Bunch) Melvin ("Howard's Main Event") and Morgan Brittany as "Opie's First Love." Fans may debate on the quality of the final season in comparison to those that preceded it (and to be fair, there are a handful of less-than-stellar episodes, most notably "Opie's Group," which finds Andy's son joining a rock band), but the comfortable performances by the cast help to smooth over any rough patches. As with all previous Griffith boxed sets, no extras are featured here. -- Paul Gaita